What Is Cash Value Life Insurance?

Cash value life insurance is an ideal type of permanent life policy that features a cash value account component. The policyholder may use the cash value to pay premiums or for other purposes, like a source of funds to repay current policy premiums or for making repairs to the policy. Unlike term life coverage, cashContinue reading “What Is Cash Value Life Insurance?”

How To Choose Between A Whole Life Insurance Policy And Cash Value Life Insurance

What exactly is cash value life insurance and how does it differ from term life? Also called permanent life, cash value life insurance covers as long as you pay your required premiums. As the name implies, it builds up an investment value you can access whenever you need cash. While term life only lasts forContinue reading “How To Choose Between A Whole Life Insurance Policy And Cash Value Life Insurance”

Types of Cash Value Life Insurance

Cash value life insurances are a form of variable life policy that offers a death benefit and premiums in addition to a cash value. The insurance company pays the difference between the amount of the premium paid and the amount of the death benefit after the policy is terminated. Cash value policies are usually lessContinue reading “Types of Cash Value Life Insurance”

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